What Can Car Owners Expect From Auto Glass Repair?

It can be incredibly stressful when a driver is driving along and a ding occurs to their windshield. It can be especially difficult when a driver is dealing with damage that has been done to their field of vision because it can make it difficult for the driver to see. While some types of damage require the complete replacement of the windshield, there are some types that can be repaired without replacement. Knowing what to expect from the process of repair will help a car owner to be prepared.

How Is a Damaged Windshield Replaced?

There are a couple of types of windshield damage that can be repaired. Small dings that are around the size of a fifty-cent piece and cracks that are shorter than a foot can often be repaired, especially if the damage is fairly fresh. When damage occurs, it is imperative a person seeks immediate repairs so the damage can be taken care of before it spreads across the windshield and leads to the need for a full replacement. The following are some of the steps involved in the process.

  • First, the technicians will carefully check the damage to ensure the windshield is repairable. The technicians will be able to tell the owner if the damage can be repaired or if the entire windshield needs to be replaced.
  • The area that was damaged will need to be vacuumed to remove any dirt and debris, and it will be cleaned with a special cleaner to ensure all impurities are removed. It is imperative the damaged area is clean so it can be properly repaired.
  • A resin will be carefully piped into the damaged area and then smoothed using special tools. This resin dries completely clear and has the ability to bond with the glass so the two become one and the repaired area becomes a part of the glass.
  • The repaired area is then cured using a special light, allowing the material to properly harden. This hardening process is vital for ensuring the area will be strong enough to stand up to high-speed winds.

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