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Why Businesses Shouldn’t Disregard Mobile App Testing?

In today’s time, online presence becomes a necessity for various businesses to become visible to their target audience and at the same time, to sell effectively via digital medium. For the past few years, websites were considered to be the best marketing solution for a business but nowadays, having a website alone would not be enough because the trend has shifted to app creation. Believe it or not, mobile today is one of the best marketing channels for both communications and making sales worldwide.

We have seen immense growth of mobile devices which has caught the attention of various companies seeing the importance of app development. Through this, it allows them to establish a swift communication with their audience which then leads to stronger customer base. When talking about mobile app development, it is vital to understand that there are millions of apps that are released in the market already and it is not less challenging for new apps to perform.

Having said that, the primary goal of virtually every company is to create an app that is bug free while being efficient as well. To achieve this, it is vital to carry out strategic testing of the application so by that, potential errors can be quickly identified at the early phase of development and they could be solved before it is uploaded in App market. Following are the three testing methods that can be done to ensure that you have built an effective and efficient app that has met your business and target user’s requirements.

Functional testing – this is actually the basic principle among various testing techniques for an application which is intended to assess if the app does work as per user requirements. The functional testing is something that demands human interaction and challenged by things such as the device used by user and its mobile operating system.

Performance testing – as a matter of fact, it’s critical part for the entire mobile app development project to do performance testing. Through performance testing, this ensures that the user interface based response time of the application is acceptable, the performance has satisfied customers, the load generated by the app is manageable and that the app’s performance is being monitored after it’s released.

Memory testing – memory testing is actually important because it makes it possible to test the app’s performance in relation to memory usage. It’s to keep in mind that these mobile devices have limited memories and that their default program lets them to eliminate apps that are causing poor user experience (UX) and high in memory use. This is something important if you want to have peace of mind that the app uses the optimal memory of the device making UX better.

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